Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Happy Home

Thanks to Wendy for making me aware of 1000 Homes of Happiness - a lovely site dedicated to spreading words of significance that touch our lives and make our homes all the more happier.

I decided to share my happy home with someone, and I chose the word ENRICH

I left my happy home with Philomena's prep teacher, Ms Fillery (it was tricky trying to leave the home on her desk and take the photo without being caught in the act).    Her presence in Philomena's life has been significant.  With the assistance of her teacher aide, Mrs Brown they've definitely enriched the lives of the children of Prep B at Mt Warren Park State School. 

As you can see by the photos above and below, there are lots of activities that the children enjoy.  Lots of vibrant colours, letters, words, numbers and things to stimulate curious little minds. 

Credit must go to Philomena for taking the next few shots.

And below I've just included some photos of Philomena from this year.  She's a lovely little girl.  She can be very trying some times, but I suppose having a child so bright and social, it's hard to keep their enthusiasm and determination from bubbling over.  Philomena has definitely enriched our lives and made us better people.

Above pic - Philomena enjoying ricotta cheese pikelets with blueberries and whipped cream.

Philomena with her 'Uncle Daz', who is great with kids and is so patient with her.

Our little princess.  She really is a princess/diva most of the time when she is with us at home.  Funnily enough though, everyone else tells us how independent, strong and helpful she is.  And I ask myself..."is that my child?". 

Philomena with 'Elsie' the Elephant.  Ms Fillery thinks it may be the first ever sports day at Mt Warren Park State School, where an elephant ran in the races.  Elsie has been with Philomena since the day she was born.  Mena has a strong attachment to her little friends as she calls her stuffed animals.  Every one of them has a name, so it makes it very hard to 'cull' any of her furry friends.  So the menagerie keeps growing at an alarming rate, and we're running out of room to house them all.  But, being an only child, we understand her attachment and the need to have her little friends, where she would normally have brothers and/or sisters.


  1. Gorgeous! We adore this little home and that it is now waiting in Ms Fillery's classroom ready to be discovered. She sounds like an amazing teacher.

    Thankyou for your support with our little project. We are so very grateful. Hope you had fun.

    Love, love Philomena's photographs! Clever girl.

    Kellie xx

  2. Kerry - I am so glad you enjoyed finding 1000 Homes Of Happiness. Your word was great and Phil's story and teacher was a great lesson in those that enrich our lives. Think I will go write a post on this and link back to your blog.

  3. Thanks Kellie! I enjoyed your little project, and how to really helped me focus on what's important.

    Thanks Wendy for your post today and the link...absolutely enjoyed it! :)

  4. Hi Kerry, Ms Phil is such a special soul born from love and raised in love .. her energy is infectious as is her genuine honesty ( uninhibited )

    I personally think that as parents, there is no greater pleasure in life than watching these amazing little souls take shape and grow.

    They certainly keep the world honest if you respect them enough to listen to their words and take the time to " See them ".

    Like most children though, they are a product of their family and parents, show me a child and I will tell you what the parents are like at home ... No wonder Ms Phil is so energetic , honest and loving ...